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Simon Niblett is a Cinematographer and Photographer with more than 35 years of film and photography experience.

He has shot in over 150 countries and on all continents covering a wide variety of subjects and genres including documentaries, commercials, drama and editorial. Based in the UK, he has seen the rapid changes in recent technology. From a simple film camera in the 80s and early 90s, he is now able to use drones, cranes, motorized tracks, stabilised cable dollies, gimbals  and ultra resolution cameras to achieve shots previously requiring a small army of technicians. He has just returned from Yakutz in Siberia,  the worlds coldest city, where he was shooting  a commercial in -52C. He shot a 3D movie in Antartica and also the acclaimed Eagle Huntress in Mongolia.

Simon is a qualified drone pilot with  US and UK licenses. He is a pioneer of drone cinematography and was one of the first people in the world to fly a Red  camera system using a drone.

He won the inaugural Los Angeles Drone Film Festival in the “Drone use in Feature Film, TV & Advertising” category.

In his spare time, Simon is a keen offshore yachtsman, climber (especially winter), ski mountaineer and kitesurfer.

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