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National Parks - NEW Netflix Series
Queens - NEW Disney + Series
The Toxic Pigs of Fukushima  - NEW Award Winning Documentary
The Eagle Huntress - Multi award winning Film shot in Mongolia / Oscar Shortlist / BAFTA
Post Office / James Bond  - Commercial
One Planet - Forests
Vodafone - Series of Commercials shot in Egypt, The Alps and the UK
Jaguar - Series of  Commercials
Mazda - Series of  Commercials
Wildest Kingdom - 3 part Natural History Series shot in Scotland
Audi - Commercial shot in Scotland
Chasin Clothing - Series of  Commercials shot in USA and UK
Channel -  Commercial
Lenovo Computers - Stills and Film Campaign shot in India, USA and the UK
DuPont - Series of  Commercials shot in Russia, Japan and China
Rights Universal - Series of short  Films for Amnesty International
Traffic - Stills and Short Film for UNICEF shot in Africa and Haiti
Sunday Times -  Commercial
The Bachelor King - DoP / Director 3D Film
Kotex - Commercial
Macmillan Books - Commercial
Tempo Tissues - Commercial
The Beauty of Snakes - Natural History Film
Honey Hunters - BBC Natural World
Caught in The Moment - Natural History Film / Emmy nominated for Cinematography
Peacocks - Musical Drama. BAFTA Best Documentary


2010 - present

2010 - present


Complex Lighting

Shotover/GSS Operator and Technician


Rope Access

High Latitudes

Stedicam / Movi

Tecnocrane / Hotheads

Phantom / High Speed

Macro / Macro Scanning

CAA /FAA Drone Pilot

Remote Cameras /Traps

Moving Timelapse

RYA Yachtmaster

Horse Riding


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